Hytrans Systems b.v.

In 1964 Kemach Machinery is founded. In 1978 60% of the stocks were sold to Kuiken NV in Emmeloord. Since 1991 Kemach was a 100% daughter of Kuiken NV. The name then was changed into Kuiken Hytrans.  As of April 1st 2006 Kuiken Hytrans joined the same group as our longterm partner Holland Special Pumps. The name is now changed to Hytrans Systems b.v.


Hytrans Systems b.v. is active in Water Transport for Firefighting, flooding (HFS) and Mobile Road Signaling (HTS). We are active in the development, manufacturing, sales and after sales service of mobile super water supply systems and mobile traffic signaling systems world wide. 


Hytrans Systems b.v. is synonym for quality, reliability and longterm partnership. Certifications of Hytrans Systems include EN-ISO-9001-2008. Our product lines Hytrans Fire System (Mobile water supply) and Hytrans Traffic System (Mobile Road Information) are both used world wide.


Hytrans Fire System (HFS);

HFS is an innovative super water supply system for fire brigades, civil defense and industries. The system features mobile large scale water supply over several kilometers from almost impossible access locations, still maintaining large capacities. A water supply system of 3.000 meter and 3.000 ltr/min can be operational in only 15 minutes time, requiring only a few persons to deploy and run the system. Since 1988 hundreds of units are deployed all over the globe. The first HydroSubs were delivered in 1988 to the Dutch government. Since then a lot of units were sold to countries like Belgium, Germany, Mexico, China, Indonesia.


Hytrans Traffic System (HTS);

Beside the Mobile Water Transport system Hytrans Systems also manufactures and delivers the Mobile Lane Signalling System (MRS) and Mobile Route information (MRI). These systems enable signaling over busy highways within five minutes and provides a safer and a better flow of traffic ,there by reducing congestion. MRS and MRI guarantees maximum security for both the road worker and the driver.

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