Revolutionary new Design

Complementary to our already extensive product range, we present our new fully automatic Hose Recovery Unit, the AutoFlaker.


The AutoFlaker: A highly efficient quick response hose layer and automated hose recovery system.


The Hytrans Hose Recovery Units (HRU) have proven their value over the past 20 years all over the world.

Now we have significantly increased the efficiency of the HRU and developed it as an automated system, the AutoFlaker.


The standard HRU is easily operated by only three or four people (1 driver and 2 or 3 people to flake the hoses), the new generation HRU AutoFlaker now only needs the truck driver to automatically retrieve hoses up to 300mm / 12” diameter.


The new system not only supports a fast response to deploy an above ground hose system in an emergency, it also takes a minimum of manpower to retrieve large lengths of hoses from 8”, 10” and even up to 12”. 


Hytrans, a proven supplier of quality and reliable solutions, continues the research and development of the systems.

The R&D work over many years has resulted in the development of the HRU to now be an automated system.

The HFS Hose Layer Containers allow high speed hose deployment (up to 20 km/hr.) and a maximum storage of hose length.

The AutoFlaker Hose Recovery Unit now allows a quick recovery of the hoses by only the driver of the truck.

High efficiency and a minimum of labour also contributes to accessible training options for larger hose dimensions.