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Floodmodule HydroSub 150

The main goal for the development of the Flood Module, was creating a mobile unit providing flood relief on a large scale, driven by the HFS HydroSub 150. This is what has been achieved without doing any concessions.

The Flood Module consists of three submersible pumps, necessary hydraulic hoses with manifold and 150 meter of special light weight flood hose. All this is carried in a standard container that fits on the HFS Duo Container system. The Flood Module is an add on system to the HFS HydroSub 150. By replacing the standard submersible pump, mostly used for fire fighting, for the Flood Module the combination is capable of reaching a capacity up to 40.000 liter/min.

The special low friction and light weight 12” flood hose can easily be deployed by only one person. The separate hose lengths are connected with a simple strap.


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